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Diagnostics & Health Checks

We use a variety of software tools to diagnose your computers. We can test everything from the Sound system to the CPU. This is a good way we can diagnose if your computers RAM is faulty, or one of the CPU core’s are not working. Or even a faulty Memory chip causing Blue Screen errors. (BSOD)
We can do general cleanups on your system to the registry and startup routines to improve the computers performance and removal of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).


Virus & Malware Cleanup

We can cleanup your computer from all types of Malware or Viruses. Some are harder to clean than others. Some can come back after they have been cleaned. Normally we can clean all types of Malware or Viruses. We recomend having Virus protection installed on your Computer (Apple MAC or Windows Computer) we recommand and can supply if need be.

What to know more about Malware and Viruses?
There are many different types of malware or viruses, known as bloatware, popups, spyware, bots, bugs and worms. All are given the specific names for their reason.
Many computers can get infected with bloatware without you even knowing. Want to download the latest Adobe acrobat? when you try and download this software, preticked for download on the downloads page are Un-nessesary programs which will download unless you untick the box. Thisa is Bloatware. Bloatware isnt normally harmful, but will slow your computer down. Many new computers you by from major manufacturers are install with Bloatware. Bloatware is a term known for software, which isnt required or is unnecessary.
Popups are normally internet browsers which have been hi-jacked. Normally forced to have toolbars installed, or have their own default homepages set. These can also track and monitor the sites you visit.
Spyware is another type of malware that is installed on a computer without the knowledge of the owner in order to spy on you and collect your data. Spyware can gather information about internet interaction, it can also log the keystrokes from your keyboard and steal other valuable data like passwords.
The most dangerous of them all are the following:
Trojans – Named after the Trojan Horse. This will enable an unauthorized user to gain control of your computer without being detected.
Rootkit – Same as a Trojan, But these are very clever and will hide from your antivirus software and It will enable an unauthorized user to gain control of your computer without being detected.
Ransomware / Cryptolock / Cryptoware – This is a very dangerous type of Malware which can lock you out of your system until a payment is made to the hacker. These can also encrypts all of your files. The hacker will demands a payment to unencrypt your files or give you access to your computer again. This is normally via Bitcoin so the hacker cannot be traced.

Maintenance & Support

We can offer full maintenance and support of your computer, server, printers & network.
We can offer :

  • ad-hoc support only
  • ad-hoc support with pre-paid remote access support
  • pre-paid remote server only support
  • pre-paid remote server & remote pc support

We will tailor the support to your requirements

Data Recovery

We offer a data recovery service from most types of media.
Computer Hard Disk Drives (IDE, SATA or SSD),
3 1/2″ Floppy Disks,
USB Memory Sticks,
Camera Cards (SD, MiniSD, MicroSD, CF, MS, MS Pro etc etc..)
Give us a call or click here to fill in the form to request for information, and to see how we can help.

Computer Security

We can offer a range of solutions to protect you and your devices. From email security to anti-theft software.

Most people ignore security and think it will never happen to them.

Its not only about antivirus, but also about protecting and safeguarding your data.

Give us a call today, to discuss how to improve your security, and how to protect your data.

Cloud Services

We are always keeping up to date with the latest Cloud Technology at Reality Computer Services, offering you Cloud Mail, Cloud Backups & Cloud Applications.

Cloud eMail – Hosted Exchange / Office 365

Whether you are a business or an individual user, we can provide you with an email service which is available on all your smart devices. You can access your email, calendar, address book on your laptop, PC, Mac, Blackberry, smart phone, iPad, iPhone, android phone, android tablet, web. Every device will connect and read your mail, calendar, address book & tasks from one central location, so you will never miss that important email or meeting again.

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